Our Planning Process

  • We first perform a financial physical to assess your current condition by reviewing your investment statements, previous planning, tax returns, assets, liabilities, expected present and future capital outlays, and compile income and expense projections
  • We perform a risk tolerance analysis to assess your attitudes toward risk and develop an understanding of what risk means to you.  We then review the types of risk, and levels of risk, you are willing to accept to pursue your objectives.
  • We create a customized plan to pursue your goals. This plan will outline our strategies to  help manage and grow your wealth.  This plan may also incorporate asset allocation models, an insurance review, estate planning and special needs analysis such as education or retirement projections  
  • We review your plan with you and answer any questions you have in understandable terms.  During this phase we also analyze the statistical percentage chance of success of reaching all of your financial goals   
  • We sign papers and begin the funding process of setting up accounts and transferring the assets to our firm 
  • We contact you frequently by your choice of phone, letter, e-mail or fax to discuss your account and the overall economic conditions.  We send you a newsletter monthly and set  a custom contact interval based on your  expectation of contact.  
  • We meet to review your plan at least annually.  We update your plan as-needed 
  • At your request we will work directly with your accountant or attorney throughout the year on tax, estate planning, and other matters concerning your wealth management